N-Type Monocystaline

Technial Feature
Power Output Comparison of 12-module arrays
High Temperature Stability
Superior Performance Waranty

Key Features

The Apex of Solar Generation. The LG NeON R is LG Premier module armed with the highest and mosot efficient energy generation technology

The LG NeON R is a module that eliminates metal electrodes on the front side. The module’s environmental and aesthetiic design is ideal for roofs offering a clean, sleek modern exterior and increasing the home’s value.

High Power Generation  

The LG NeON R is a high efficiency module that generates more energy than a conventional module. Less modules are needed to achieve energy requiredments allowing consumers flexibility is system design.

  • PV Syst simulation result
  • Region Bayern Munchen Germany
  • Data sourch Pan file, Datasheet

High Temperature Stability

The LG NeON R Generate 2.9% more energy than conventional P-type mono modules in high tempreture conditions.

  • PV Syst simulaton result
  • Region Bayern Munchen Germany
  • One day in July (Highest temperature in a day 32C)
  • Date Source Pan file Datasheet

Superior Performance Warranty

LG always stands by its products with stering warranty policies. The linear performance warranty guaratees at least 88.4% power output by the end of the 25th year.

Datasheet Download

NeON R Datasheet Download

Technical Specification