About Hyundai Solar

Established in 1972, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) is one of the most trusted names in the heavy industries sector with 48,000 employees and more than 40 billion USD in annual sales (2015). As a global leader and innovator, HHI is committed to building a future growth engine by developing and investing heavily in the field of renewable energy.

Started as a core business devision of HHI, Hyundai Solar (Hyundai Heavy Industries Green Energy) now stands as an independent company and an affilated of HHI as from December 2016. We have strong pride in providing high-quality PV products to more than 3,000 customer wordwide.

HIS-S305RG 60 Cell

Key Features

PERC Technology
PERC technology providies ultra-high efficiency wiht better performance in low irradiation. Maximzes installation capacity in limited space.

Anti-LID / PID
Both LID (Light induced Degradation) and PID (Potential induced Degradation) are strictl eliminated to ensure higher actual yield during lifetime.

Mechanical Strength
Tempered glass and reinforced frame design withstand rigorous weather conditions such as heavy snow and strong wind.

Reliable Warranty
Global brand wiht powerful financial strength provide reliable 30 years warranty.

Corrosion Resistant
Various tests under harsh environmental conditon such as ammonia and salt-mist passed.

UL / VDE test Labs
Hyundai’s R&D center is an accredited test laboratory of both UL and VDE.

Hyundai’s Warranty Provisions
12 Year product warranty -on material and workmanship

30 Year performance warranty
-Initial year : 97.6% Linear warranty after second year : with 0.6% and annual degradtion 80.2% is guaranteed up to 30 years

Installtion Safety Guide

  • Only qualified personnel should install or perform maintenance.
  • Be aware of dangerous high DC voltage.
  • Do not damange of scratch the rear surface of the module.
  • Do not handle or install modules when they are wet.

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