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EMC 2 Solar incorporated in April 2011, is a solar power company. The Company is a provider of solar power products, services and system solutions with operations in Thailand, South East Asia. The Company’s segments include a module segment, energy development segment, and electricity generation segment.

The Company develops, builds and sells solar power projects. Its global solar power project business develops projects primarily in Thailand and SEA. It specializes in project development, evaluations, system designs, engineering, managing, project coordination, and organizing the financing. Its EMC 2 Solar services include engineering, procurement, and construction work for solar power projects owned either or by third-parties.

The Company competes with  includes Hyundai Solar,  LG Solar, Inc., Huawei Solar Company, JA Solar Co., Limited and Jiangyin Titanergy Co., Limited.

“EMC 2 Solar empowering future with solar energy”